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WeatherBug owns and operates the world’s largest exclusive network of weather stations.  The information gathered from this network of 8,000 weather stations and 1,000 cameras stationed around North America is streamed in real-time to millions of consumers, businesses and government agencies worldwide.  MGEX has partnered with WeatherBug to provide weather information to market participants.

Weather information is imperative to all aspects of agriculture. It is necessary for analyzing crop rotations and planting, timing field maintenance programs, planning effective crop spraying, or deciding when to harvest. 

Farmers are able to use WeatherBug Agriculture Solutions to make decisions on pest control, spray operations, soil moisture monitoring and many other decisions that may help maximize yields.  Speculators, millers and other market participants use this information for pricing decisions.  WeatherBug Agriculture Solutions provide tools to help farmers make day-to-day operational decisions.

WeatherBug Professional, a division of WeatherBug, offers a suite of products and services for agri-business, government agencies, utilities and other interests that rely on live weather data to make critical decisions.  These products, powered by the WeatherBug network, provide precise real-time data needed to more accurately forecast and monitor weather events. This data can help improve processes while reducing costs or potentially save lives.

WeatherBug partners with a wide range of organizations to provide weather information. 

The WeatherBug Professional website is located at:  www.weatherbugprofessional.com


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