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Board of Directors
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MGEX - Headquarters
400 South 4th Street
130 Grain Exchange Building
Minneapolis, MN 55415

ph: 612-321-7101 or
toll free: 1-800-827-4746



Board of Directors

MGEX is a membership organization. Members come from differing backgrounds and fulfill many roles – from representatives of multi-national companies, to brokers filling orders for customers, to speculators who work only for themselves.

A member-elected board of directors governs the Exchange. Members elect seven directors to serve on the board. These newly elected board directors appoint public directors to join them in the decision making process. Together these 11 directors lead the board of MGEX.

Minneapolis Grain Exchange, Inc.

• Mark G. Bagan, CEO & President, About the CEO & President
• Christopher T. Matzdorf, Chairperson
• Murray Stahl, First Vice Chairperson
• Michael O. Miller, Second Vice Chairperson

MGEX Committee List 2017-2018

Front Row (L to R):
Martin F. Farrell, Alan J. Swimmer, Michael O. Miller (Second Vice Chairperson), Murray Stahl (First Vice Chairperson), Christopher T. Matzdorf (Chairperson), Peter L. Ekberg (Outside Counsel), Albert Cyrlin

Middle Row (L to R):
Michael V. Dunn, Jesse Marie B. Green (Assistant Corporate Secretary), Kerry Melius, Mark G. Bagan (President & CEO)

Back Row (L to R):
John A. Griffith, Steve Fanady, Layne G. Carlson (Corporate Secretary), Bradley Griffith


Member Directors:


Public Directors:

Albert Cyrlin


Michael V. Dunn

(202) 285-2628

Martin F. Farrell

Farrell Trading, LLC

(952) 541-1323

Steve Fanady

John A. Griffith

CHS, Inc.

(651) 245-3461

Bradley Griffith

(312) 208-0087

Christopher T. Matzdorf

Viterra USA LLC

(952) 460-7456


Kerry Melius


(612) 335-2975

Michael O. Miller

Ardent Mills, LLC

(720) 726-8836


Murray Stahl

Horizon Kinetics LLC

(646) 495-7337

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