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400 South 4th Street
130 Grain Exchange Building
Minneapolis, MN 55415

ph: 612-321-7101 or
toll free: 1-800-827-4746

MGEX Leasing Questions & Answers


Where is the Minneapolis Grain Exchange located?

We are on the corner of 4th Street & 4th Avenue South in downtown Minneapolis. The building addresses are 400 S. 4th St., 412 S. 4th St. and 301 4th Ave. S.

How big is the Minneapolis Grain Exchange?

The Exchange consists of three buildings, totalling approximately 312,000 rentable square feet.

What kind of spaces do you have available?

Please feel free to call us directly at (612) 321-7170 for up to date space availability.

How much is the rent?

The rent is a combination of operating costs and base rent. This is determined by length of lease and tenant improvements that are required/requested.

What length of lease do you require?

Our typical leases run three to five years. However, should you choose a space that requires no changes, we are open to being flexible regarding the lease length.

What is included in the rent?

Heat, air conditioning, electricity, night and weekend guard service, and cleaning five nights per week are all included.

What is NOT included in the rent?

Telephone service, Internet and cable are not included.

What happens if we move in and require a larger space due to company gowth?

We are happy to help you grow and expand. Should you grow out of your space, we will try to find a larger space for you in the building. Once space is located, a new lease would be executed and your responsibility on the old space would be relieved.

Do you have meeting rooms that tenants can rent?

We have a conference room that seats eight to 10 people and an auditorium that seats 40 people in classroom style. When you are a MGEX tenant, these rooms are available free of charge.


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