Minneapolis Grain Exchange, LLC is now a MIAX® company
400 South 4th Street
130 Grain Exchange Building
Minneapolis, MN 55415

ph: 612-321-7101 or
toll free:

Board of Directors


Minneapolis Grain Exchange, LLC

• Mark G. Bagan, CEO & President, About the CEO & President
• Thomas P. Gallagher, Chairperson
• Kerry Melius, First Vice Chairperson
• Steve Fanady, Second Vice Chairperson

MGEX Committee List 2022




Public Directors

Thomas P. Gallagher

Miami International Holdings, Inc.

(609) 897-7301

De'Ana H. Dow

Capitol Counsel LLC

(202) 861-3200

Christopher T. Matzdorf

Viterra USA LLC

(612) 239-3999

Michael V. Dunn

(202) 285-2628

Kerry Melius


(612) 335-2975

Steve Fanady

Murray Stahl

Horizon Kinetics LLC

(646) 495-7337

Bradley Griffith

(312) 208-0087


Various MGEX Policies

MGEX Board of Directors Charter and Governance Guidelines

MGEX Board of Directors Disclosure Policy

MGEX Governance Policy

MGEX Board of Directors Code of Ethics and Conduct

MGEX Conflicts and Dualities of Interest Policy

MGEX Nominations Committee Board Policy For Assessing Board of Director Candidates

MGEX Performance Review of Board of Directors Policy

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