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Capital Gains Futures: Now Trading



A new way to hedge and trade U.S. capital gains tax rate risk

Anticipating tax rate fluctuations doesn't have to bring uncertainty.


Powered by MIAX® and offered by MGEX via the CME Globex® platform, Capital Gains Tax Futures (ticker: CGT) will fill a market void in managing tax risk, offering an efficient and effective tool to manage risk associated with changes in the U.S. Capital Gains Tax Rate. By bringing tradability to the effects of post-stimulus budgeting in government, Capital Gains Tax Futures contracts allow investors to manage their risk exposure and make investment decisions with confidence.


Capital Gains Tax Futures are built upon the SIL U.S. Capital Gains Tax Rate Index (index symbol: SILXCAPG), developed by SIG Index Licensing, LLC. The Index provides a clear and simple way to measure potential changes in the Capital Gains Tax Rate. By tracking the tax rate imposed for each taxable year by the United States federal government on long-term capital gains of individuals, investors can better hedge market exposure, and for the first time, market participants will have an efficient tool for trading risk associated with potential changes in the capital gains tax rate imposed on individuals.


MIAX is pleased to partner with SIG Index Licensing, LLC (SIL) to offer Capital Gains Tax Futures.


To learn more about Capital Gains Tax Futures please contact proprietaryproducts@miami-holdings.com or 609-897-8177.






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