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March 16, 2005

Contact: Jesse Bartz; 612-321-7122

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (March 16, 2005) — The Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) announces the commencement of The Minneapolis Grain Exchange History Project.   The Exchange, founded on October 19, 1881, will celebrate its 125-year history in October 2006.  To commemorate this milestone, the MGEX board of directors established the 125th Commemoration Commission Committee whose objectives are to chronicle the history of the Exchange, its people and organizations, and to create awareness of the Exchange’s role in the growth and development of commerce in the upper Midwest. 


“The Minneapolis Grain Exchange History Project is a wonderful opportunity for us to tell our story and to connect with individuals and families with stories and memorabilia to share with us,” said Martin Farrell, chairman of the 125th Commemoration Commission Committee.  “A part of the project includes the publishing of a beautiful book that will contain numerous photographs and convey the stories of the people connected to the Minneapolis Grain Exchange.”


The Minneapolis Grain Exchange and its members have been instrumental in the development and growth of commerce in the city, county and region.  Deep ties to agriculture production, transportation, grain milling and merchandising established the Exchange firmly in the center of the grain industry in the upper Midwest and as the benchmark for spring wheat risk management and price discovery worldwide. 


Founders and individuals connected to the Minneapolis Grain Exchange throughout its history include visionaries who acted as strong advocates for industry growth and development, created new businesses, or, in some instances, even spawned entire new industries.  Many families, companies and foundations that are a vital part of the grain industry and the Twin Cities community today have played important roles in the history of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. 


“The story of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange is truly an amazing one that merits telling,” according to Bradford Wallin, MGEX member and Committee member.  “We believe it will be interesting to not only our members and founding families, but also the grain industry, our community and anyone who is interested in history.”


The Exchange invites participation in the History Project by anyone who can share stories, pictures or artifacts concerning the history of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, its members, founders or associated individuals.  Please contact Jesse Bartz at jbartz@mgex.com or 400 South 4th Street, 102 Grain Exchange Building, Minneapolis, MN 55415, if you have something to share for this important project.



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