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Exchange and Clearing Fees

The Exchange has approved the following schedule of Exchange and Clearing Fees for each contract of futures or options bought, sold, exchanged for physical, transferred, delivered, accepted for delivery, cash settled, exercised or assigned effective:

For purposes of computing fees, a Trading Permit Holder is the individual or firm or corporation listed as the record owner of a membership at the time of the official closing (December 4, 2020) of the merger and acquisition between MGEX and MIH.  Trading Permit rates do not apply to employees, associated persons, affiliate companies, subsidiary corporations or parent corporations of a member firm or corporation unless they were also a record owner of a membership at the time of the close of the merger.

A Legacy Delegate Trading Permit Holder is the individual listed as the record holder of a leased membership at the close of the merger and trades Exchange contracts for his/her own account.


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Capital Gains Tax Futures

Exchange and Clearing Fees will be charged per account.

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