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Wheat Indexes

The MGEX wheat index contracts have made it possible to trade financially settled futures and options on three major classes of wheat–all on a single exchange, on a single electronic trading platform.

Hard Red Spring Wheat Index (HRSI), Hard Red Winter Wheat Index (HRWI), Soft Red Winter Wheat Index (SRWI), National Corn Index (NCI) and National Soybean Index (NSI) futures and options are traded electronically on the Globex® trading platform . These contracts provide price discovery based on wheat originated at country elevators and are very closely related to local cash prices for each wheat class.

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General Resources:
* Wheat Indexes: Opportunities for Speculators
* Reliable Terminal Market Basis for End-Users
* Basis Stability Example for Producers
* Spread Opportunities
* Wheat Spreads/Basis Charts
  * DTN Spot Historical Index Prices

Soft Red Winter Wheat Index (SRWI):

      * Daily Market Data Sheet

* SRWI Complimentary Hedge Example
* SRWI Bids By State
* An Analysis of Soft Red Winter Wheat Index (SRWI) Futures
* Hedging with SRWI Futures Contracts
         * SRWI TRACKIT customizable basis-tracking spreadsheet

      * SRWI Trading Symbols

Hard Red Spring Wheat Index (HRSI):

* HRSI Complimentary Hedge Example
* HRSI Bids by State
  * HRSI TRACKIT customizable basis-tracking spreadsheet

Hard Red Winter Wheat Index (HRWI):

* HRWI Complimentary Hedge Example
* HRWI Bids by State
  * HRWI Futures and Options Review
* An Analysis of Hard Red Winter Wheat Index (HRWI) Futures
* HRWI Flour Pricing Example
* HRWI Options Analysis
  * HRWI TRACKIT customizable basis-tracking spreadsheet

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Trading at MGEX:

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